We also offer a white-labeled solution for marketing agencies and digital marketers.   

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  • Do you create blog posts for your clients but find that’s the only content being posted on their social media sites or worst still it’s not being posted at all.

  • Do your clients assure you that ‘Jamie from Accounts’ will be looking after their FaceBook page, but you know that’s just not going to happen.

  • Are you eager to offer your clients’ a social media package that will work along side the other digital marketing solutions you provide them?

We have a solution.  

  • We can work directly with your client or take briefings from you, whichever you’d prefer

  • We can set-up new social media management accounts or work the systems you are already using.

  • And best of all we offer a discount to marketing agencies and digital marketers.

What is it like working with us?  

Fiona Scott - Managing Director, Fiona Scott Media Consultancy tells all.

I offer organic social media services to my clients - and have for some years. However it became clear I would run out of capacity and time so needed to work with someone I trusted to support my business and work with me. Finding someone like that is not easy - so connecting with Esther and finding she was as good as me - and in fact, better - made such a huge difference to me and my business. 
This relationship has allowed me to be confident to grow my business and take on more clients for social media support as Esther has my back and can support me and make my business more professional for me and my social media clients. 
The year I started working with Esther my business turnover doubled. Across this year I gained confidence not only in my own abilities and core services but in working with others including Esther. No one can grow their business alone. You have to find a team and Esther is part of my team, as I am part of hers. 
My clients' profiles have all risen due to consistent and relevant content but also because Esther understands the fact social media is just that - it's 'social'. A business which just broadcasts and doesn't engage will never do as well as one which engages and talks to its clients and contacts. 

When outsourcing your social media, you must understand it's a very intimate thing to do. No one knows your business like you and you must share as much information as you can through engagement over time. Do your research and find someone you like and trust to do it for you. You may think it will not matter, I won't ever look at it, it will just happen without me - but you will quickly discover that it does matter, you will notice because you are more visible than before. Esther understands this
Esther is caring, considerate and measured. She understands social media and is very patient in sharing her knowledge with others. She offers training and well as delivery and she's very clear and honest in her business dealings. A joy to work with and I'm thrilled we continue to support each other's business. 

Fiona Scott,

Fiona Scott Media Consultancy

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