6 Essential Do’s and Don'ts All Exhibitors Need to Know

6 Essential Do’s and Don'ts All Exhibitors Need to Know

If you are paying for stand space at a business show or exhibition you will want to make it work for you, so here are 6 essential dos and don’ts all exhibitors need to know.

It can be easy to think you will just turn up on the day and generate lots of great leads, but it doesn’t works like that, like with anything else the more time and planning you put in upfront the better your results will be.   There’s lots to cover in this area but, here are a few essential dos and don’ts. 

✅ Do 

  • Take a team with you.  Having more than one person on the stand who can speak knowledgable and professionally about your business is a must.  If you got your pre-event communications right you may well have mini-appointments to fulfil, and certainly a steady stream of visitors.  You may also want to take time away from the stand to connect, network or attend a keynote talk. 

  • Connect with other exhibitors.  You already have something in common, you’re both exhibiting and have a commitment to the event.  It’s always worth taking the time to connect on the day, if you haven’t done so in advance. Who knows what interesting conversations you might strike up.

  • Make eye-contact and smile.  As clichéd as it may sound a friendly smile goes a long way.  

⛔️ Don’t

  • Sit behind a desk staring at your phone.  Emails can wait. You are at the exhibition to connect face-to-face with the people who are attending and strike up interesting conversations.  Don’t waste that opportunity with your head down consumed by emails. 

  • Leave the stand empty.  If you have prepared correctly you will have a group of interested people who want to speak to you about your products or services.  The last thing they’ll expect to see is an empty stand, they may have made the effort to visit you once, but if you aren’t there it’s unlikely they will be back. 

  • Forget to follow-up.  This is so important and so often overlooked, but this is really where you are going to make your stand work for you. Allocate time to follow-up once you’re back at your desk and plan in advance how you are going to follow-up to ensure success. 

These are just a few of the basics, there is a lot more to creating a successful exhibition stand, but these 6 do’s and don’ts are a great place to start.

If you think you need help preparing for your exhibition please drop us a message.  Fast track, 1-2-1 options and courses are available.