How Do I Verify My Facebook Page?

How Do I Verify My Facebook Page?

How I Verify My Facebook Page?

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Before you start

  • You will need to be an admin on the page

  • Your Facebook page will need to be published

  • You will need to have added a profile and cover image

  • It is also good idea to check the link to your website is working (if you have a website)

How to verify your Facebook business page

Head to

> Settings

> Page Verification

> Edit

This will open a new window. Now you have two options. You can

1) Use the call now option. Add a publicly listed phone number and select your country. Once you have hit the ‘Call Me Now’ button you will receive a telephone call on the number you have entered on the form - so you will need to be near the phone. The automated phone call will give you code that you’ll need to enter into Facebook.

2) Use the ‘Verify this page with documents’. You will need to upload you a document (eg. Phone Bill) that includes your phone number. This is slower process than the ‘Call Me Now’ option but still works.

How to verify a facebook business page
How to verify my facebook business page

Once this process is complete and Facebook have reviewed your information you will receive a grey verification badge.

Blue verification badges are also available, large organisations and public figures can apply for these via a separate process.

Grey tick for Facebook Verification.png

Why should I bother?

In an era of fake news and fake Facebook pages this step will inform Facebook your page is genuine. It is likely to result to increase your credibility with both Facebook and your audience.