This is a great time of year to say 'thank you'

Using social media to say thank you

This is a great time of year to say 'thank you'

Advent - Day 2

You can say thanks to your social media followers and connections for staying connected throughout the year. You might also want to say thank you to

  • Customers/clients

  • Suppliers

  • Staff

  • Associates/collaborators

You could do this with a public post or via direct message.

Make it genuine and tell a story

If you are posting publicly you could really bring your thank you to life by using an example of how a person or company has helped you during the year. Think about,

  • Has someone helped you in a particularly short timescale?

  • Did they provide deliver exceptional service?

  • What was the situation and what was the end result?

  • Why is this particularly important to you?

Oh and while we’re talking about it… thanks to you for reading - you guys rock!

Thank you