The Power Of Emotion

Last month easyJet launched their Imagine campaign, designed to inspire people at the wonder of air travel. The campaign was delivered creative agency by VCCP.

I’m not going to lie I think this is pretty ace.

But why does it work?

Simple - because it evokes emotion.

It’s aim is to focus the wonder of air travel and I think it does that beautifully. easyJet ask the viewer, ‘Imagine where we can take you’. We’re compelled to imagine a beautiful holiday.

What the the advert doesn’t do is focus on seat allocation like a previous campaign did in 2015, or punctuality, or even price which is often a point of differentiation for easyJet. Nope none of that - you’re just asked to think about jetting off to your dream destination…

So… what does all this mean for you and your business?

Remember emotions are effective. Try to focus on what happens after a customer/client has used your product or service. What is it that your product will give them? Perhaps it’s the luxury of time if you’ve a VA, or if you’re recruitment consultant perhaps your clients are left with the feeling of relief and satisfaction at having employed competent staff.

So… does it really work?

Time will tell how successful the easyJet campaign is… but we’ve are already booked to fly with easyJet next year…. ✈️

Bon Voyage.