Twitter hours: What you need to know

You've heard about twitter hours but are not sure how to use them...

Don't worry we'll tell you everything you need to know.

Socialable Twitter Hour


What is a twitter hour?

A twitter hour is a regular, usually weekly, hour where people come together and tweet about a particular topic or interest.  Twitter hours are often used to connect businesses is the same area eg. #DevonHour, or people with a common interest eg. #CakeHour.

I want to join a #TwitterHour but don’t know what to say

First of all you will need a twitter account.

If you’re new to twitter or haven’t participated in a twitter hour before then it might be wise to think about what you want to say before the hour starts.  Remember you are limited to 140 characters, and that you’ll need to use the #Hashtag that’s been created for the hour you are taking part in.  Using the hashtag will help your tweet to be found by the host and others.

Some ideas on what you might want to tweet;

-       Intro about yourself and your business

-       A thank-you/recommendation for another regular participant

-       A situation where you've been able to help someone

-       An event you’re planning to attend

-       An up-date on your week

-       Interesting/funny photo or story related to your business.

Try to;

-      share your knowledge and expertise, this will build trust and is preferable to spamming people with sales messages

-      include a photo where possible, posts with photos/videos generally receive more engagement

-      follow up on comments, within the hour and outside of the hour too.

These are just a few suggestions, once you’ve participated in a few #TwitterHours you’ll gain an understanding of what works and come up with your own ideas.

What are the rules?

There are no rules, but be friendly, approachable and engaged.  Remember you’re representing your business and as twitter is an open platform all tweets can be read by any other twitter user.

Remember to use the #Hashtag that has been created for the #TwitterHour you want to join.   Retweet and reply to others who are taking part. 

Have fun.



We host #SouthGlosHour, every Wednesday 8-9pm.  If you live or work in the South Gloucestershire area join us.