Socialable. Effective and affordable. 

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You know that social media is crucial for your business but you’re busy, your company is busy.  Who has time to do social media, or really know how?  Hiring the wrong social media manager is risky for your reputation and who will coach them properly?  There is an effective affordable solution.  Entrust your social media management to Socialable for less than the price of employing a full time social media manager.  We create and implement a social media strategy aligned with your business objectives.

We help you plan and manage online content.  We’ll share newsletter, blogs and other content across Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook or other, relevant social media channels.  We listen for online interactions about you and your competitors, and when people ask questions on social media we make sure the right person in your company answers. 

We’ll run social media advertising campaigns that don’t waste time or money.  You just get the best results for your budget, and we produce regular reports on your online progress.  It all frees up your time.