Social Media Shape Up

6 Months Of Social Media Coaching - £475

6 Months Of Social Media Coaching - £475

Build and reinforce

Includes everything in the ‘Construct the plan’ session with the added benefit of 5 additional sessions in months 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 (45-minutes each).

By the end of the 6 months you will

  • Know what content works for your business

  • Know how to make influential connections

  • Know exactly how to use social media to benefit your business

  • Be confident in all the actions you make on social media

Serious about your managing your own social media? This package is for you.

Start by booking your first 90-minutes

3 Months Of Social Media Coaching - £275

3 Months Of Social Media Coaching - £275

Lay the foundations

Includes everything in the ‘Construct the plan’ session with the added benefit of 2 additional sessions in months 2 & 3 (45-minutes each).

During the 2 additional sessions we will

  • Review what's working

  • Make adjustments to your plan

  • Strategise how to make the best use of your time

  • Ensure you know ‘how-to’ use social media

This is for you if you want expert advice and accountability as you work towards becoming a social media ninja.

90 minutes of Social Media Coaching - £145

90 minutes of Social Media Coaching - £145

Construct the plan

During this 90-minute session we will

  • Explore which social media channels are right for your business

  • Discover the best ways to engage your target audience

  • Review tools and techniques to help work smarter and save time

  • Plan out 4-weeks of social media content for your business

This package is for you if want ideas, tools, knowledge and expert advice to kick-start your social media.

Tell Me More

What is like working with us?

I recommend Esther without hesitation. During the meeting she used language I could easily understand and the content was tailored to my business.  She has vast knowledge and experience, which she uses to full effect.  
Word of warning:  she packs a lot into a session, so have a good breakfast!"

Tracey McCarthy, HR Services Bristol

How do I get started?

Use the ‘Book Now’ buttons above to find a date and time that works for you.

How do I book my follow up sessions?

If you opt for the ‘Build and reinforce’ or ‘Lay the foundations’ package our website will take payment for the complete package. You will be able to book your first 90 minute session. We will book the remainder of your sessions at the end of your 90 minute session.

What do I receive at the end of each session?

You will leave with a

  • summary of your key action points and/or a content plan.

  • skype call recording

  • voice recording of the session (if the session was face-to-face)


Consultations are conducted

  • via Skype

  • in person at Socialable HQ in Yate (Unit 6 Badminton Court, Station Road, Yate Bristol BS37 5HZ).